Ace during clean up time

Ace is my very cheeky guinea pig. He loves following me around whenever I am cleaning up his cage. I usually use a bucket and spoon or a dustpan with a little broom.

Bucket and spoon

Nice and easy way to scoop up all the little beans. But I have Ace. Cleaning becomes complicated because he helps by tipping the beans bucket. Best pastime ever. I start all over again.

Dustpan and little broom

This method is quite efficient because it sweeps up more debris at a greater speed. Of course, I have my little furry friend chasing after me and the broom. He occasionally sits in the dustpan while I am cleaning. Yes, on top of all the debris.  This one time, I turned around to grab something…. When I turned back….  Watch the video. Wait for it.

He is great isn’t he. Not a dull moment with this one.