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We just finished a custom order for a non standard size cage today. They are for double storey hutches. I love the colours the customer has chosen. These cage liners has 2 layers of fleece, an absorbent core and a water resistant layer. The water resistant layer is made with breathable fabric.


Why you should switch to a washable cage liner.

Water resistant cage liner is easier to maintain and smells better than wood shavings. I spot clean the cage liner daily with a cup and spoon or dustpan and brush. You can even use a vacuum cleaner too. Change and wash the liners once or twice a week, depending on how many guinea pig you have. The upfront cost may sound a lot but these liners are reusable. They last hundreds of washes if used correctly.

I am still using some of my original liners from more than a year ago. The fabric choices are out of this world compared to wood shavings. You can even mix and match with other products in my shop. I know of a few customers who love the whole cage to have matching accessories, because matching accessories is so awesome to look at. One of them have started me on the way to make mine match too. You know who you are.

How to make a custom order

Are you interested in a custom order? Perhaps, you have a odd size shaped cage. Yes, we might be able to help.

For more information about custom orders, click here

For what printed fleece is available, click here 

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