Hungry guinea pigs

My two little furry friends are always hungry. I get the special stare when a meal is late. It all starts with ;

  1. Soft wheeking…. an attempt to get attention. This soft wheeking sounds like gossiping piggies.
  2. Louder wheeking…. They are getting a little more desperate for food.
  3. Choir of guinea pigs… I am absolutely starving better feed me now.
  4. Silence…. oops… they are not happy now
  5. Sitting in the middle of their cage with special glares…. The glares continues even when the food is here.

This is a perfect example of the chaos. But in the mornings, it is ten times louder. The Abyssinian (fluffy one) is the loudest and he squeaks for anything. Ace grunts more than he squeaks but he can chat your ear off if you let him.