Mask Safety


  • Wash hands with soapy water before handling your mask.
  • To put a mask on your face, only touch your mask by the strings, not on the outside of the mask itself.
  • Avoid touching mask whilst wearing. Wash hands again if you do.
  • Take mask off holding the strings as it is now considered “dirty” or “contaminated”.
  • When wearing, moisture is bad. If sweating on the inside or wet on the outside, it is time to change.
  • When people cough or sneeze, droplets escape from the sides. Apply caution and other sensible measures – Social distancing.
  • One event (trip to shop) (see a client) – one mask. Due to chances of cross contamination replace mask, place used mask in a bag and give them a hot soapy wash at the end of the day.
  • Wash hands with soapy water after handling your mask.
  • Iron. Repeat.

    Disclaimer: This mask is homemade. It is not rated at the N95 filtration.