Introducing my guinea pigs

Caesar and Ace. Ace is the one on the left and Caesar is the Abyssinian on the right. They are our beloved and cheeky guinea pigs. They each have their own crazy personality.

Caesar the guinea pig

is the boss and the noisy one especially when he thinks there is food. He is 5 years old and always grumpy. His favourite activity is to dig hay. He absolutely loves parsley but runs away from mint.

Ace the cheeky one



is the cheeky one. Always up to some mischief. This 1 year old sure can jump and run. He loves popcorning, especially when I clean his cage. He follows me around to show me where all his beans are. Sometimes he sits in the dustpan on top of the beans. Caesar and Ace  are best friends.

They live in a 2 x 5 C&C grid enclosure. Their pastime is to leave a trail of beans everywhere. I make fleece cage liners, tunnels, huts and fleece forest for them They absolutely adore fleece and are spoilt rotten by us.

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