Corner Fleece forest for guinea pigs c & c cage


The top part is made with 1 layers of fleece and the 4 flaps is made with 1 layer of fleece. It is machine washable. It measures approximately  L35cm x W35 cm x H32cm.

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Why corner fleece forest

Guinea pigs love hiding and finding somewhere soft and cosy for a snooze. The corner fleece forest is a cosy hideout for your small pet to chill out and take a nap! There are no exposed seams. The fleece forest is soft and cuddly. My guinea pig loves his fleece forest. He sleeps and hides in his heaps.

We all also know…. they poop and eat in where they hide. Cleaning is so much easier because this does not have a base. Just move the forest to one side and sweep or vacuum.

My guinea pigs and the fleece forest

This fleece forest is made specially for a c & c cage/grid cage. The top requires 1 grid for it to stay up. You can use clothes pegs to help it stay put. I have two really cheeky guinea pigs. They love to help me rearrange. Sometimes in their enthusiasm, they have pulled down the forest by accident. The five year old guinea pig loves to rearrange each flap because he wants to be completely hidden.  It is their favourite hiding spot.



The top part is made with 2 layers of fleece and the flaps is made with 1 layer of fleece. It has 1 side are cut for the forest. It is machine washable. It measures approximately  L35cm x W50 cm x H35cm. It is made shorter to help keep it clean longer.


This set is handmade with love. It comes from a clean and smoke free home and are suitable for guinea pigs. Perfect for any weather.  As with all handmade items. Expect small imperfections. I only sell huts that I will use for my own guinea pig. I do try to cut off all loose threads and do a quality check before post.

Placement of prints may vary.


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Dimensions 35 × 20 × 5 cm

Dino, Ladybug, Pond, Rainbow scales, Watermelon


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