Cage liner 2×2 74cm x 74cm C & C cage water resistant


Water resistant Fleece Cage liner c&c 2×2 grid  72cm x 72cm


Why switch to water resistant cage liner 2×2

The cage liner 2×2 is easier to maintain and smells better than wood shavings. I spot clean the cage liner daily with a cup and spoon or dustpan and brush. You can even use a vacuum cleaner too. Change and wash the liners once or twice a week, depending on how many guinea pig you have. The upfront cost may sound a lot but these liners are reusable. They last hundreds of washes if used correctly. I am still using some of my original liners from more than a year ago. The fabric choices are out of this world compared to wood shavings. You can even mix and match with other products in my shop.

This liner pad is handmade with love. It comes from a clean and smoke free home. It is suitable for guinea pigs, rabbits and other small animals but I do know some rabbits might chew.

  • Ease of use
  • Easy to change
  • Simple to clean
  • Smells nicer than wood shavings
  • No dust just hay
  • More fun and colourful choices
  • Reusable



It fits a c & c cage, roughly 2 by 2 grid. It is approximately 74cm x 74cm. The liner is made with 2 layers of fleece and 1 layer of absorbent fabric and a water resistant fabric. The water resistant is on the plain side. The absorbent side is on the pattern side. Always use it pattern side up. The bottom fleece is plain and colour may vary. Please note that these are made for standard grids not the one from Kmart. Kmart grids are smaller.

How I use the cage liners

This cage liner is main used for a 2 x 2 c&c grid loft or as a pad on high traffic area in the cage. I use these exclusively with my 2 guinea pigs. I’ve tried a quite a few methods to keep the cage clean… wood chips.. newspaper…. cat paper litter…. I very much prefer this… When soiled take it out… give it a good shake outside.. wash it… dry it… and I can use it again….so much better for the environment too since we can reuse it instead of throwing it away. It is cheaper in a long run. I remember using huge bags of cat little to fill the whole cage. Yes, i have a 4 x 2 C&C grid cage with some extensions. A tip: I layer a few smaller pads around on high traffic areas to extend the use of the liner before washing. Please refrain from using softeners and dryer sheets. The idea is to let the wetness pass through the fleece to the absorbent pad in the middle. The fleece stays dry. You may have to wash it a few times before it works better. Machine washable and dryer friendly. Please wash the pads before use. As with all handmade items. Expect small imperfections. I only sell pads that I will use for my own guinea pigs. I do try to cut off all loose threads and do a quality check before post. The pads have not been used or washed. Please wash before use. Placement of prints may vary.

Additional information

Weight 0.610 kg
Dimensions 35 × 24 × 5 cm

Aqua, Blue, Donut animals, Fairy, Hot pink, Lemon, Llama, Love, Purple, Rabbits, Sealife, Sunshine, Yellow animals, Yellow llama, Unicorn


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