Wazzy is the first guinea pig to step into our home. He belongs to the kids’ kindergarten. Every school holiday one family will look after him. He is the sweetest guinea pig ever and fumiest too.  I used to cuddle up with him every night and watch TV together. He loves mint.

Vegetable garden

He spent alot of time in our garden mowing the grass. Once I think he might like to try my veggie patch, so in he went… Oops… he proceeded to cut down my corn. Yes, a really tall plant. He was chewing it from the bottom. Needless to say, I had to get him out before the plant fell on him. It became a game of chase.


He is back at Kinder. That was a few years ago. We all loved guinea pigs so much, we got Caesar(poopee he actually answers to that name) and Ace.

Today, I visited my dear old friend, Wazzy. I brought him his favourite grass and mint. He is still as sweet and fluffy as I remember him. Very old now.