Cube hut

It’s the last month of summer! Where do the time go? The cooler months are fast approaching. Time for hut experiments. Last year, we had fruit huts, dome huts and pod hut. This year, I thought it is time to revisit the cube hut.

My guinea pigs love having an escape route for any hiding spots/huts they have. I made them huts with an entry and exit. They always loved it. They are actually still using my first experiment from few years ago. They still wheek in excitement whenever I place it in their home.

The construction of the hut with 2 exits tend to be a little more complicated than my usual huts. This year, I might have found a solution that I am happy with. This is just prototype 1. My guinea pigs been staring at it. Wondering why they are not using it yet. Patience little ones. It is not cold enough yet.