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Mon sews started when I welcomed two guinea pigs into our family, Ace and Caesar. I started sewing all sorts of them to keep them happy and comfortable. One day, I decided to sell some of the excess sacks I made and never looked back.

These days I sell more than sacks. We have all sorts of guinea pig fleece accessories such as; tunnels, huts, pads, beds,cage liners/bedding. Mon Sews has been on ebay as Mon Sews since 2008. Mon sews still sell on eBay. I was also on Etsy and Made it..  In 2017, I decided to spread my wings and build my own website Mon Sews.


I have been sewing since my early teens and love anything related to craft; sew, bake, cook, re purpose cardboard, knit and crochet.
Mum to 2 human kids and 2 furry one. Since having kids, I have been sewing even more and love sewing clothes made from knits for my kids, craft strange toys like cloth books, soft toys, huge cardboard structures, bags, hats and many more. These days I sew mainly Guinea pig accessories. I just love watching them popcorn all over when I make them something new.


Guinea pig fleece accessories that are easy to change and clean but also at the same time colourful and stimulating to both humans and guinea pigs. You can save $$ and the environment by using reusable products! Imagine not having to dusty wood shaving and its equivalent. The cage liners are easy to use and clean. I’ve used mine for years now. Still going strong. All I do when it’s time to change is pick it up, bring it outside… flick off the debris and pop the liners in the washing machine ….. dryer or line dry them.  We have limited amounts of ready made liners, which are made specifically for c and c cages in various sizes.

My piggies love them because the fleece layer stays dry while all the moisture wick/absorbs in the absorbent layer in the middle. It helps too that fleece is so soft and cuddly. I change my fleece liner once or twice a week. Even then the odour is much lesser when compared to other types of bedding.

Switch now to a reusable, washable and colourful guinea pig fleece bedding.

Postal Address 
PO Box 6148
Caulfield South
VIC 3162


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