Why a new hay kitchen?

We have a new hay kitchen because of messy furry friends.

Things we tried for hay containment

  • Hay bags. Caesar finds it entertaining pulling out every bit of hay and sleeping on it.
  • Cardboard boxes. Ace thinks it is his toilet.
  • Litter box. Works great but we really want one that is 75 by 35 to fit a 2 x 1 side of the cage.
  • Just throw it in a corner. The little furry friend scatters the hay and has fun building hay architectures.
  • Tissue box filled with hay. Same as cardboard box. Ace thinks it is his toilet.
  • Empty toilet rolls. More as a source of entertainment and also there is only so much hay I can squash in one.

Our furry friends love it whenever something new is added to their cage because things do get a little boring when you keep seeing the same thing all the time. Ace popcorned nonstop for 15 minutes. Caesar inspected every corner of his hay kitchen  and prompted left a few beans just for fun. It is awesome to see them so happy by just adding a few changes to their cage


It is a simple self constructed corflute/coroplast box, covered with a fleece liner,  absorbent pad and lots of hay. Our furry friends eats, sleeps and hangout in there. One of them loves digging hay.